Sakshi Murdered by Sahil Incident: CCTV Footage

Sakshi Malik, A 16 years old girl brutally stabbed to death. She was stabbed by her boyfriend Sahil who was 20 years old. The incident occurred in Shahbad Dairy Area, Delhi atr 28th May 223 Sunday.

The stabbing video has been caught on CCTV camera. After the video went published, it went viral on social media. Now Sakshi Murdered by Sahil is on trending search on search engines & social platforms. Let’s check the video footage.

Sakshi Mur*dered by Sahil

Sakshi Murdered by Sahil Video. 16 years old Sakshi was killed by her boyfriend. The stabbed video is caught on CCTV camera. Sakshi was going to her friend’s birthday & her boyfriend Sahil tried to block her. Sakshi was on the way to her friend’s birthday celebration.

Sakshi didn’t listen to her boyfriend Sahil & she continued to go to her friend’s birthday celebrations. After that Sahil get angry with Sakshi & tabbed. Sakshi was stabbed more than 20 times according to the CCTV footage. We tried to provide the video at the bottom of this post.

Sakshi Murdered by Sahil On Twitter & Reddit

Sakshi Murdered by Sahil Incident. The video footage is now under processing. The footage is disturbing & harmful to watch. We are not responsible for this video graphic. We recommend not watching the footage if you are a child or have a heart condition.


Sakshi was Murdered by Sahil in latest news on Twitter & Reddit. People search on Facebook for video footage. We will attach the video file to this part of today’s article. Share this post with your friend to let them watch. We want justice for Sakshi.

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