[Video] Salvatore Stars Car Accident: How Did He Die

Salvatore Stars

Salvatore Stars who is known as Elvis died in a car accident. He is a popular star in the artist world and died at 60. How did he die? What happened with him? How did Salvatore Stars die? The car crash video is tried given below. People also want to know the funeral details & photos or videos.

Musician Salvador Garrido was Hit by a car on 28 August 2022. It was nearly mid-day 1.30 PM. He was hit by a car while he crossing a rod & it was signal time. Police investigating this case seriously. Is it a murder or just an accident? A lot of queries are spreading online very much.

There was a friend with him. He tried to help the musician but it injured him seriously. Salvatore Getting a headache injuries & his hand was broken badly. An emergency Ambulance tried to bring him to the hospital. But at the last moment, he couldn’t survive.

The car driver was arrested & he is under investigation. He gave a negative breathalyzer test. The incident occurred suddenly. So many people who love him sending condolences to his family. We will keep updating this post if any video footage is available online. Stay with us for the latest information.

We declared that all the information has been collected from various sources. We just tried to help you by representing this information in front of you. Hope that you get the important news about this topic from our post. Thanks for staying with us.

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