Scenery Park -East London Nightclub

Scenery Park East London Nightclub. More than 20 young men were found dead at a nightclub in South Africa early Sunday, authorities said. Local health officials said police were investigating after at least 22 bodies were discovered inside a popular township tavern near the city of East London.

The victims were between 18 and 20 years old. The bodies were found suspicious. The bodies were found lying as if they were as busy as they were in dancing and singing. Many people mourned the news of the tragic death of the 22 youths.

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It is believed that all those poisoned at the nightclub in Scenery Park were killed. However, this issue is currently being investigated. The investigation report has not yet been published. It is being examined by experts whether the youths were actually poisoned.

Everyone in the country mourned the victims. Authorities said the cause of their deaths was being seriously ascertained. We haven’t received any video clips about his death so far. Feature images are provided only for attention. However, if an official video is published in this regard, we will be updated here.


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