Shooting reported at Hard Rock Hotel :CCTV Footage

Shooting reported at Hard Rock Hotel

Man killed in Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. The hotel is located near the South Lake Tahoe area. Police investigating this case & they took 2 in custody.

The incident that occurred on Saturday was reported. A man was fatally shot on the floor of the Hotel. The name is the victim is Omar Reyes Garcia & he is 32 years old.

Hard Rock Hotel Shooting Video

There are 2 arrested after the incident, officers say. Their name is Edgar Julian Delgado, 24 & another one is Savannah Racquel Tautaupale, 26.

The shooting occurred near Highway 50. It was near South Lake Tahoe. Police shut down Highway 50 temporarily after the incident.

There are so many people who are trying to watch the video footage of the Hard Rock Hotel shooting video. The video is under processing. We will attach the footage in further updates.

Stay visiting us for the latest footage. It will be attached here soon. Keep patient & following us for the video. The video footage is coming soon..

Shooting reported at Hard Rock Hotel

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