Sonya Eddy Cause of Death :Authority Confirmed

Sonya Eddy

“General Hospital” Actress Sonya Eddy has died at the age of 55. She died last Monday 19th December 2022. The news was published the next day. How did Sonya Eddy die? What happened to her? All the details are tried to explore. scroll down to check the details.

Actress Sonya Eddy’s death news was published through an Instagram post. The authority confirmed the statement on 20th December 2022.

Sonya Eddy died on Monday night. The family didn’t mention any physical health condition history in the statement.

The artist has spent a long time in Hollywood. She has done great work in all the roles. She achieved huge popularity for her talent.

There are so many people asking online to know the actual case of death. Her fans & followers want to know what happened with Sonya Eddy.

Sonya Eddy was taken surgery on 9th December. After that, She died on the 19th of December night due to an infection. Sonya Eddy’s cause of death is Infection. After surgery, the infection increase day by day.

But the thing is, Sonya Eddy died unexpectedly & her family hasn’t attached any immediate cause of death. There is no official newspaper has been attached to any cause of death yet.

Her family just confirmed the death news. But they didn’t mention the cause of it. She may die of cardiac arrest or something else. It will be clear after the official family statement.

But we are trying to get any kind of clue about this incident. We will definitely explore the details information about Sonya Eddy’s death.

You have to wait a few moments to know her cause of death. We will keep updating this post sometime later with the death cause. Stay with us for further LIVE information. May her soul rest in peace.

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