SRF zwei News Anchors List Switzerland

SRF zwei News Anchors List

Swiss Radio and Television channel SRF Zwei or SRF Two is a popular TV channel in Switzerland. It is a Swiss-German language-based free-to-air television channel. The channel started its journey on 1st September 1997.

Today we are here to introduce this channel to news readers or anchors. There are so many famous news anchors on this channel. SRF Zwei mostly watched for news. People like to watch the news on this channel. Some of the viewers like to watch news only from this channel’s anchors.

SRF zwei Male Anchors List

  • Florian Inhauser
  • Jonas Hadorn
  • Urs Leimbacher
  • Reto Aeschbacher
  • Sandro Lehner
  • Yves Bossart
  • Stefan Flückiger
  • Samuel Erb

SRF zwei Female Anchors List

  • Sandra Künzler
  • Annik Kälin
  • Daniela Ballmer
  • Barbara Lüthi
  • Susanne Stucki
  • Julia Dittmann
  • Kathrin Amacher

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