Taqsem A. Khan Net worth -Per Second Income

Taqsem A Khan Net worth

Taqsem A. Khan Net Worth. Taqsem Khan is the Managing Director and CEO of Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (WASA), Bangladesh. He was born in Bangladesh. He is a Bangladeshi Engineer.

Taqsem A Khan has completed his graduation from St. Gregory’s High School and College. He completed his Engineering in 1981 from University at Moscow. Mr. Taqsem A Khan is a Mechanical Engineer. At the time of October 14, 2009, he joined Shaka WASA as a Managing Director.

Since joining, he has been appointed to the same post five times in a row. His current tenure as WASA Managing Director is till October 2023. At the Joining time, he gets a total of TK1,20,000 salary from WASA.  According to the latest board decision, the monthly salary of Wasa MD is Tk6,25,000 or $6,176 USD.

Taqsem A Khan Net Worth is Approximately $1-2 Million USD 

According to online sources, by calculating the official salary from WASA Taqsem A Khan gets more than a total of approximately TK 5,30,90,000 BDT since October 2009. Which is near around $524,694 USD.

Taqsem A Khan Income Highlights (Approximately)

Taqsem A Khan Income Per Second is Less Than 1 TK
Taqsem A Khan Income Per Minute15 BDT
Taqsem A Khan Income Per Hour is 868 BDT
Taqsem A Khan Income per Day is 20,833 BDT
Taqsem A Khan Income Per Week is 1,45,833 BDT
Taqsem A Khan Income Per Month is 6,25,000 BDT (By Salary)
Taqsem A Khan Net Worth is $1 Million to $2 Million Approx
Final Word about Taqsem A Khan Income Per Second

All the earnings history of Taqsem A Khan is collected from various online sources. This is just an idea about the per second income of Taqsem A Khan. We tried to help you by presenting Taqsem A Khan’s earnings in front of you. Hope that you get the important information which you wanted. All the amount presented is just approximately calculated. If you have any compliments and more queries about Taqsem A Khan then comment to us. Keep following us for more information like that. Thanks for visiting us.

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