TBS News Anchor Name List

TBS News Anchor Name List

Tokyo Broadcasting System Television inc, TBS is one of the popular television channels in Japan. Japanese people like to watch News on this channel. There are so many TV channels in Japan. Some of their so popular & news channel. Most Japanese people watch TV in their free time. They like to know trending news on TV. TBS channel is more popular for its news presenters or anchors. Today we are trying to provide some of the popular news anchors of the TBS TV News channel.

TBS is based in Tokyo. The channel owner’s company name is Tokyo Boradcasting System Television, Inc. The channel has so many sister channels. The first on-air date of TBS is 21 March 2000. The channel giving us quality service for 23 years. At this time TBS channel has achieved a huge social media fan base. It has 1.68 million subscribers on Youtube & 175K followers on its Facebook page.

TBS Male Anchor Name List

TBS Male Anchor Name List. If you wanna get the details of TBS male anchors read this part of today’s post. We tried to provide here some of the best news readers’ names & photos. Hope that you will satisfy with this presentation. Don’t forget to comment your opinion about our article.

  1. Yutaka Takeuchi
  2. Masao Nakajima
  3. Kensuke Nakata
  4. Shigeaki Koga
  5. Atsushi Masuda
  6. Shigetomo Nagumo
  7. Hiroshi Sekiguchi
  8. Tetsuya Chikushi
  9. Jun Tanaka
  10. Kazunori Hashimoto

TBS Female Anchor Name List

TBS Female Anchor Name List. The Japanese broadcasting company has gained people’s support for its service. They always took a neutral position in any kind of country politics. TBS always explored the actual thing of all situations. People also search online to get details about TBS female news presenters. Here are some names of TBS female news readers. Hope that you may like this.

  1. Yuri Amano
  2. Reina Triendl
  3. Ayako Uehara
  4. Ayako Kisa
  5. Maki Saito
  6. Satomi Takahashi
  7. Nanami Uehara
  8. Yuriko Ikuta
  9. Yoko Horiuchi
  10. Kyoko Goto


Dear visitors, we tried to provide here the latest update in front of you. We gave here the short list of TBS anchors. If you want to get more details then comment us. We will provide the best result for you. Keep visiting us for more details.

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