LIVE Update: Titanic Submarine is finally located by tracking the sound signal

Titanic Submarine LIVE Update

Titanic tourist submersible is finally located. The rescue officers located the submarine. Before that A submarine called ocean gate was missed on Sunday 18 June 2023. There are 5 passengers on the submarine. 1 is the operator & other 4 are the tourist. The Titanic submarine missing accident is now trending online. The world is looking for it & people praying for those people.

The Titanic submarine LIVE update will attach here hourly. We are active to collect the latest information about the Titanic submarine. We will attach every update in this post. YOu can follow this article for the latest information on the Titanic submarine missing incident. In this post, you will be able to know the US coast guard’s latest press briefing. Scroll down to know the updated information & LIVE report.

Titan Submersible How Many Hours Left

There is no more time left on the Titan submersible. It is now an international emergency. American, Canadian, French & so many countries joined the rescue mission. The submarine spends the last moment with the oxygen. Here is the live countdown for the submersible time left.

TIME Countdown:

The time started on 18 June morning at 6 AM
They have 96 hours of Oxygen for 5 people
Sadly the time is finished on 22 June morning at 6 AM Local time.

Titanic Submarine LIVE Update


  • Titan submersible ‘landing frame and a rear cover’ found
  • noises detected from the Atlantic Ocean: 5 points
  • Debris Found Near Titanic Wreckage Assessed To Be From Missing Sub

The US Coast Guard is using Victor 6000 Submersible to rescue. They get sound from the deep water. They tracked 5 sources for the sound. The sound is like a “Knocking Sound”. Rescue officers trying to find these 5 places. They increase the search area & trying to find the submersible as soon as possible.

How Much Oxygen Does The Submarine Have Left

How Much Oxygen Does The Submarine Have Left

The Submersible has a sink with 96 hours of oxygen supply. They went to the 13 thousand feet deep. But they lost the connection after 1 hour & 45 minutes. There is a support ship with the submersible on the surface of the water. They are looking after the submersible. But suddenly the connection has lost & they went missing.

The submersible member didn’t have enough Oxygen supply. According to US Coast Guard, 2 of 5 members are trained for the emergency situation. They know how to use the oxygen max time. But it’s late now. They haven’t enough time to survive. Maybe they already finish their food.

Titan Submersible How Many Hours Left

Titan Submersible Price

Titan Submersible Price is $250,000 per person. There are 5 passenger capacities in this submarine. Ocean Gate company is superintended of this submersible. This is such a big amount for any person.

Titan Submersible Passengers

There are 5 people missing from the submersible. One of them is the crew & others are the tourists. They pay $250,000 for every seat booking. This is Ocean Gate company’s responsibility to make them safe. But an accident makes the situation critical. Here are the passenger details of the Titan Submersible.

  1. Shahzada Dawood (48) – British-Pakistani businessman
  2. Suleman Dawood (19) – son of Shahzada Dawood
  3. Hamish Harding (52) – British businessman
  4. Paul-Henri Nargeolet (72) – Retired French Navy commander, diver, submersible pilot
  5. Stockton Rush (58) – submersible pilot, chief executive, and founder of OceanGate


  1. How Much Oxygen Does The Submarine Have Left
    Ans: No more Oxygen has left after Thursday 6 AM US Time
  2. Titan Submersible Update
    Ans: The Time is up.
  3. Titan Submersible Memes
    Ans: 1. “The ocean is eating the rich.”
    2. “Titanic 2: Electric Boogaloo.”
    3. “The Titan submersible is now the Titanic submersible.”
  4. Titan Submersible Latest News
    Ans: The Time is Up.
  5. When Did The Submersible Sink
    Ans: Sunday, 18 June 2023, Local Time 6:00 AM At morning
  6. Titan Submersible Price
    Ans: The Price is $250,000 per person.

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