TV Asahi News Anchor Name List

TV Asahi News Anchor Name List

TV Asahi, The private broadcasting channel in Japan. This is the oldest & successful television network. The channel has a lot of viewers & subscribers. Today we are going to talk about TV Asahi news anchors. The channel has so many popular news presenters who are very dashing looking. people search for them & want to know more information about the anchors, especially the female anchors.

TV Asahi started its journey on 1957 1st November. The channel went first on air in 1959 on 1st February. TV Asahi giving us the best service for more than 64 years. We have attached here some popular news anchors of this channel today. TV Asahi has more than 513k subscribers on their YT channel. They also have a huge fan base on social media. We tried to provide some information about TV Asahi anchors here. Let’s enjoy the post.

TV Asahi Male Anchor Name List

TV Asahi Male Anchor Name List. TV Asahi has so many popular programs. Some of them are hosted by male anchors. The news programs host by males & females both. The male anchors are so talented & they are well-experienced. In this part of today’s post, we gave some of their names & details.

  • Ichiro Furutachi (retired)
  • Masahiro Sasaki
  • Naoki Tsuboi
  • Shinichiro Kawamatsu
  • Tomonoshin Kokubo

TV Asahi Female Anchor Name List

TV Asahi Female Anchor Name List. TV Asahi plays so many popular programs. People are very excited to watch that’s program. Some of those have female anchors. All of the female anchors of TV Asahi are so beautiful & talented. If you want to see the names of them then check this post or if you want to get the photos then comment us for more.

  • Emi Takeuchi
  • Mariko Doh
  • Mayumi Kawase
  • Sayaka Shimohira

Final Words:

Japanese people like to watch TV Asahi. The channel is not only a channel, it is an emotion of people. We love this channel & hope that they will keep their quality service. Comment your opinion with us. We will work on your demand.


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