Vincent Jackson Dies at 38 – What Happened With Him!

Vincent Jackson

Former Chargers and Buccaneers wide receiver Vincent Jackson, who was found dead earlier this year in a Florida hotel room, has been diagnosed with Stage 2 chronic traumatic encephalopathy, the Concussion Legacy Foundation announced Thursday.

Jackson’s family revealed the diagnosis in a statement Thursday, 10 months after he was found dead in a hotel room outside Tampa, Florida.

“Vincent dedicated so much of his life to helping others. Even in his passing, I know he would want to continue that same legacy,” said his widow, Lindsey Jackson.

Vincent Jackson, former NFL player found dead in hotel room, had CTE, family says

Dr. Dan Daneshvar, a neuroscientist, brain injury physician with Havard Medical School, told FOX 13 the disease is common in football players who have had too many hits to the head.

“Many families of individuals who have ended up being found to have CTE reported similar changes in their loved ones,” he said. “Changes in their mood like depression, changes in their behavior like flying off the handle.”

When the pandemic hit, Lindsey said that Jackson’s stress and drinking increased. He had several business ventures, like restaurants, and worried about having to lay people off. His favorite activity, networking, wasn’t the same anymore since every business meeting was virtual. By Jan. 2021 his drinking got so bad that his young children began to notice, which is when Jackson moved to the hotel where he eventually died.

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