Virginia Mass Shooting Video :CCTV Footage

Mass Shooting

3 Football players Died & 2 students are injured after a shooting at the University of Virginia. The gunman has been arrested after the incident. The incident occurred on Sunday 13th November night. Let’s check all the details.

The suspect’s name is Christopher Darnell Jones Jr. He is under investigation. 3 football player have killed at nearly 10.30 pm local time on Sunday night. The authority of Virginia university declared an official statement on Monday early.

There are 2 students who are injured. One of them is in critical condition & the other one is well. The varsity authority has canceled their Monday classes.

The player was playing for the UVA football team. 3 players’ name is Devin Chandler, Lavel Davis Jr. and D’Sean Perry. All of them are at a very young age. Their family is now mentally broken condition.

There are so many people who are shocked to know this news. People sharing condolences to their families who died in this incident. Police investigating this case very seriously. The suspects are in custody now.

People search online to get CCTV footage of the Mass shootings in Virginia campuses. They also hit online like, Devin Chandler Shot video, Lavel Davis jr Shoot video & D Sean Perry shot video.

But there are no video has been available online now. We are trying to get the video soon. We will keep posting the footage if it is available publically. Stay with us for the latest video clip. The footage is coming soon..

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