Azam Swati Wife Video -What Happened With Them

Azam Swati

Recently a topic went viral online that related to PTI leader Azam Swati. Someone makes a fake video with this senior leader. There are millions of people searching online to get actual information about it.

Azam Swati is now on google trends. The stranger made those video with his honorable wife. This is such an awful bad deed.

Azam Swati has joined a press conference about this topic. He cried on the stage when sending his statement. The leader said someone converted their face.

A lot of curious people searched online to get the footage. But we request that do not spread rumors online. The video is completely fake & wrong.

We should send them respect & keep their personal thing secret. At this time his family is mentally broken. We need to show respect for his family.

Pakistani authorities trying to remove those videos from online. Do not share the video with others. Show some manners about this sensitive topic.

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