All Sim Unlimited Internet Pack Dial Code- GP,Robi,Banglalink & Teletalk

All Sim Unlimited Internet Pack

I’m starting today’s post by welcoming everyone. You may have already known that the unlimited validity of mobile data has been launched in the country from today 28th April 2022. The younger generation is very excited about this. At present, the number of internet users in our country is about 12 crore 38 lakh 20 thousand. This number is increasing day by day. One of the carriers of this digital age is the Internet.

Therefore, the government has made various efforts to make this internet access. In continuation this, various private mobile SIM companies will now provide unlimited data packs with the efforts of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of Bangladesh. A lot of people are already searching about it online. Those of you who need this unlimited pack can check the dialing code from here. Our today’s post presents all the information related to unlimited packs of these SIMs. Initially, Grameenphone, Robi, Banglalink and Teletalk SIM companies will provide these unlimited packs. Later, other SIM companies will launch it.
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Teletalk Unlimited Internet Pack Dial Code & Price

The good news for those of you who are Teletalk customers is that you can now use unlimited internet packages. Bangladesh’s first unlimited internet package Teletalk has launched a few days ago. Now other companies have started offering unlimited packages. So if you want to enjoy the benefit of the expired internet, activate one of the following packages.

Data PackPrice Dial Code
6 GB 127 TK*111*127#
26 GB309 TK*111*309#

Teletalk Minute Pack 

GP Unlimited Internet Pack Dial Code & Price

At the very beginning of the post, there are unlimited internet packs of GP for you. If you are a Grameenphone user and want to use the internet without a limit, then below are some packs. These packs are initially called unlimited, but you can use them for a year. So the packs must be conditional for a year. The GP Unlimited Internet Pack is presented below.

Data PackPrice Dial Code
5 GB 449 TKComing Soon
15 GB 1099 TKComing Soon

GP Internet Offer 
GP Bondho SIM Offer
GP Minute Offer
GP SMS pack 

Robi Unlimited internet Pack Dial Code & Price

If you want to use Robi Unlimited Internet, check out the dialing code here. In this part of our post, we have given details about the Robi Unlimited Internet package. I hope you get all the information here. You can use these tags for up to a year.

Data PackPrice Dial Code
10 GB 319 TKComing Soon

Robi Internet Offer New
Robi Minute Offer

Banglalink Unlimited Internet Pack Dial Code & Price

to use banglalink termless internet, buy any one of the packages from our post. These internet packages are non-term. So, without delay, choose a quick package from here.

Data PackPrice Dial Code
5 GB 306 TKComing Soon

Banglalink Minute Offer
Banglalink Internet Offer 

Last Word: 
We have already said that the above-unlimited packs are applicable for a period of one year. So it can’t be called completely unlimited. However, there will be an update on this later. If other SIM companies provide unlimited packages, we will be updated immediately here. Apart from this, all the SIM companies that have not provided the dialing code will be notified us in the next update here. Thanks for staying with me.

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