Ashton Pryor Obituary: Car Collision Video Released

Ashton Pryor

Star football player Ashton Pryor died at age 17. She died in a tragic car accident. The accident occurred on 17th February 2023 Friday morning. Let’s check the footage & explore what happened with her.

Ashton Pryor was a student of Boonville High School. She was involved in a fatal auto accident on Friday Morning near 7 AM. It happened near Ashby Road, gentry road, Northern Warrick County.

Ashton Pryor was driving her own 2008 Jeep Wrangler. Suddenly she lost control & rolled out on the road. After that, her car hit the railing & crashed.

Ashton Pryor has a passenger in the same car. Her passenger was taken to the hospital immediately. Ashton Pryor’s passenger gets some injuries and it’s not major. But Ashton Pryor died on the spot after crashing.

Ashton Pryor Accident Video Explained

Ashton Pryor was involved in a tragic collision Friday. Police investigating this case. Cops trying to find is there any medicine or alcohol is involved in this accident. The details information will come out soon.

Ashton Pryor

Ashton Pryor’s accident CCTV footage is not made public yet. We will definitely attach the file here soon. Till then stay connected with us for exclusive footage.

There are so many people who are sharing deep condolences with her family. Ashton Pryor’s relatives are now mentally broken condition. May her soul rest in peace.

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