Maplewood Mall Suicide: Hanged CCTV Footage Released

Maplewood Mall Suicide

Maplewood Mall, a shopping center where a man took his own life. He attempts suicide inside the mall. The incident occurred on 18th February Saturday 2023.

The Maplewood Mall is located at 3001 White Bear Ave Space 115A, St. Paul, Minnesota. The man reportedly killed himself. He was found hanging on a rope inside the store.

According to the source, A part of that mall has been temporarily closed after the incident. Police investigating this incident.

The Mall authority has shared a statement on its official Facebook IDs. The man who commits suicide has found morning time. There are no more information has been shared about the store owner who took his own life.

Police didn’t mention any name in this incident. The incident gives shockwaves around the local community. People sharing awareness for mental health.

There is no cause of suicide has been published yet. People in that area are shocked after the incident. Huge police activity has been sported inside the Mall.

Maplewood Mall Suicide Video Explained

The CCTV footage of Maplewood Mall is collected. The video footage is under investigation. Police will publish the footage after completing the investigation.

Maplewood Mall Suicide

The video footage will be attached here soon. Stay connected with us for the exclusive video inside the Mall. We are trying the clip where the store owner hung himself. Keep following us for further updates.

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