Billy Kametz Cause of Death Revealed-What Happened With Him

Billy Kametz

Billy Kametz, the voice actor Died at 35. What was his cause of death? The artist died on Thursday 9th June. He was a famous voice artist in the USA. He was born on 22 March 1987. He did a lot of famous character voice roles.

How did Billy Kametz Die? A lot of queries are spread online very much. This actor takes retire from his job on 26 April 2022. He was suffering from a major illness. That’s why he took the decision to go retire.

Billy Kametz Cause of death is Stage 4 Clone Cancer.

His death news was published by Mayonaka Network by a social statement. He was well known for bringing to life characters on JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure & Pokemon. This actor just revealed his illness a few months ago.

He also published the news that he had already started the treatment for his clone cancer and taking chemotherapy.

Billy Kametz has a huge fan of social media. All of them paying condolences to his family. His family is now in a tragic situation. We should respect their secrets. May his soul rest in peace.

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