Bryan Marchment Cause of Death Revealed- Funeral Details

Bryan Marchment

Veteran NHL defense worker Brian Marchment died at the age of 53. What was the cause of his death? How did he die? All the details have been tried to reveal to us here. Scroll down to see important information on this topic.

He was a scout for the San Jose Sharks and was in town for the Thursday and Friday draft. Many have expressed interest in knowing the cause of the 53-year-old player’s death. It has been widely circulated on social media that Bryan Marchment died of a heart attack. There is no official information on this.

Bryan Marchment had no history of previous illness. A heart attack could be the main cause of his death. However, it has not been confirmed from the source. So we should all wait a little longer.

His family has not yet released details about the funeral service. There will be an official update on this later. If any further information about this death is available, we will be notified here immediately.


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