El Noba Accident Video

Argentine singer El Noba died at 25. He suffered a serious traffic accident. He faces the accident on the 24th of May. Last 10 days he was in a comma and seriously injured.

He was on a ventilator supported in the hospital. Day by day he went into critical conditions. Various of sources confirm that he was driving without wearing a helmet. He is asked about crust with a car.

His death news was published on Friday evening. According to witnesses, El Noba was driving a motorcycle without a helmet and he was involved in a car accident.

There are a lot of people who searching online to see the CCTV footage of accidents El Noba’s accident. But the thing is still now no video is published yet. If we get any other updates in the future about the video we will update our post immediately.

His family was waiting for him to come back soon. EL Nobis’s mother did not get up hope until the last moment of his death. Noba was a fan of motorcycles and he loved to drive bikes.

There are a lot of people are paying a tribute to him. His family is now in very critical condition. We extend our heartfelt condolences sis to his family. Main he is soul rest in peace.

CCTV Footage: El Noba Accident Video



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