Cooper Noriega Cause of Death Revealed-What Happened With Him

Tik Tok star Cooper Noriega died at 19. He found did in Los Angeles Mall parking lot. According to the police statement there received a call to 911 and the collar said that he discovered the TikTok unresponsive body.

Tik Tok star dies that Thursday. His cause of death is under investigation. A lot of online sources said that he might die of a drug overdose. Recently he had struggled with drugs behavior.

There is a lot of query about Cooper Noriega’s death. Maybe, Cooper Noriega’s cause of death is drug overdose. But it is not official news. We must wait for the official police statement. This case is under investigation.

There was no science of trauma on Cooper Noriega’s body. A lot of followers share that they could not believe that the young star had passed away.

The Tik Tok shared an eerie status via TikTok and it was, ” who else b thinking they gone young af,” is it a suicide clue? There is no information about the cause of death. Maybe it is a drug overdose and suicide. The tik toker death reason is currently under investigation.


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