Jay Briscoe Car Accident Video :CCTV Footage

Jay Briscoe

Ring of Honor Actor Wrestler Jay Briscoe has died at 38. He died on 17th January Tuesday evening 2023. He is one of the greatest & legendary wrestlers of all time. Jay Briscoe died in a tragic car accident. The Video Footage is attached bottom of today’s post.

There are 2 people died in this fatal car crash. Jay Briscoe died instantly on the spot. 2 others are also seriously injured & were taken to the hospital immediately.

Wrestler Jay Briscoe who is also known as Jamin Pugh died while he was driving. The accident occurred on Tuesday evening. It was nearly around 5.30 PM. The accident occurred in Laurel, Delaware.

His family confirmed the death news. They shared a heartbroken statement on Twitter. Jay Briscoe’s net worth at the time of his death was approximately $2 million.

There are so many well-wishers of Jay Briscoe sending deep condolences to his family. People share mourning with him. The authorities didn’t share the 2nd dead person’s details. we trying to get the details as soon as possible.

A big part of online users asking online to get the video clip of Jay Briscoe’s car crash. People searching online to watch the video footage of Jay Briscoe’s accident.

The video footage of Jay Briscoe’s accident is under process. We will attach it sometime later after completing the police investigations. If you wanna watch the heartbroken video footage of Jay Briscoe’s car crash then stay connected with us.

Jay Briscoe

The video footage will be attached here soon. Keep following this post & share the article with your friends. Thanks for visiting us. May his soul rest in peace.

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