Dex Carvey Cause Of Death, Emotional Video Found

Comedian Dana Carvey’s son Dex Carvey has died at age 32. He died on Wednesday 15 November 2023. His parents announced the news of his death. They provide an official statement on Instagram.

The news of Dex Carvey’s death gave a shock wave to his family and relatives. There are so many people sending deep condolences to the comedian. This is a big loss for the community. Dex Carvey was only 32 years old.

Dex Carvey’s Cause Of Death is a drug overdose. He died after taking random drugs. Dex Carvey was a drug addict who already fought against depression for this addiction. Dex Carvey died surrounded by his family members.

Dex Carvey died on Wednesday and his parents published his death news on Thursday. Before that, a video clip of Dex Carvey recorded has been spread on social media. There Dex Carvey talked about something random and messy.

The video is under processing. We will attach the footage here soon. Comment us if you wanna check the footage. We will try to provide Dex Carvey’s last video message before death. Hopefully, his family will recover from this sorrow soon.

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