Dexton Obray Obituary: Video Message Before Death

Dexton Obray

Young TikToker Dexton Obray has reportedly passed away at age 15. He died on Friday 17th, 2023. The news was confirmed by Karli Reanne Hastings. He shared a heartbroken status on Facebook.

There are so many people who believed that Dexton Obray died in a fatal car accident but Hastings mentioned that Dexton Obray committed suicide.

The authority has confirmed the death news but they didn’t mention any immediate cause of death. We are trying to explore the real-time incident footage.

Dexton Obray Last Video Before Death

The video footage is under processing. A video clip has been found on the spot. We will attach the footage here soon. After releasing the video, it will be clear how did Dexton Obray die!

Stay connected with us for the latest information about Dexton Obray’s cause of death. May his soul rest in peace.

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