Javier Dodson Car Accident Video :CCTV Footage

Javier Dodson

High School football player Javier Dodson died at age 16. He died Thursday 16th, 2023. Javier Dodson has killed in a tragic car crash. The accident occurred on 11th February 2023. Let’s check the footage of his accident.

Javier Dodson was driving his mom’s Nissan Altima car & it was high speed. He returning home from Canongate road. He was alone & the time was near around 10.26 PM local time.

Suddenly he failed the control & cross the center line. After that, he hit a tree directly. Javier Dodson was taken to the hospital immediately.

Coweta EMS took him safely to the hospital. But Javier Dodson’s condition was stable. After that Javier Dodson couldn’t survive. He passed away on Thursday.

Javier Dodson

There are so many people who are curious about the accident CCTV footage. The video is under processing. We will attach the file in the next updates. Till then, Stay connected with us for the latest information. May his soul rest in peace.

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