Stephanie Barbutti Car Accident :CCTV Footage

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Stephanie Barbutti is a driver who died at age 23. She died in a fatal car accident at Collison. The incident occurred on Tuesday. The accident happened near Interstate 215 in Murrieta. Let’s check what happened with her & the CCTV footage of Stephanie Barbutti’s car accident.

Stephanie Barbutti Cause of Death

According to online sources, Stephanie Barbutti was driving a Toyota Corolla car which is a 2004 model. The speed of that car was near around 50 miles per hour. After hitting a motorway exit sign the car was damaged critically on the left side.

After that, she was taken to the hospital immediately. But she couldn’t survive. This is now the trending topic online. People searched online to get the video footage of Stephanie Barbutti’s car accident.

But there no video has been published yet by the California Highway Patrol. The case is under investigation. After the investigation, the video will publish. We will keep updating the post with the video. You need to wait a few more times to watch the footage. Thanks for visiting us.
The Video will be attached here soon….

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