Ekattor TV News Presenter List & Information

Ekattor TV News Presenter List

Today we are going to show you the news presenter list of Ekattor TV. This is one of the most popular news channels in Bangladesh. This channel achieved the highest popularity for its quality. Officially Ekattor TV starts its journey on 21 June 2012. The channel was launched by former chairman Fazlul Haque Khan. The slogan of Ekattor TV is “Sangbad Noy Songjog”.

Ekattor TV has been providing us with great service for 10 years. The channel has now more than 5,020,000 Subscribers on the Youtube channel. Ekattor TV is also popular on other social platforms. Ekattor Tv has more than 5.5 Million likes on its Facebook page. This is more than another Bangladeshi TV channel. We tried to provide a list of popular news presenters on Ekattor Television.

Ekattor TV News Presenter List & Information

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1. Julia Alam

Business and Economic Journalist and Host of TV Shows

Julia Alam

2. Tania Rahman

Tania Rahman

3. Rubaiyat Audity

Television News Producer at Ekattor TV

Rubaiyat Audity

4. Shamim Ara Munni

Senior journalist and news anchor

Shamim Ara Munni

5. Samia Rahman

Samia Rahman

6. Fatema Amin

Fatema Amin

7. Naznin Munni

Naznin Munni

8. Bushra Sarajin

Bushra Sarajin

9. Mithila Farzana

Mithila Farzana

10. Farzana Karim

Farzana Karim

11. Mahbub Hasan

Mahbub Hasan

12. Shakil Ahmed

Head of News at Ekattor

shakil ahmed

13. Rakib Hasan

Rakib Hasan

14. Mahadi Hasan

Reporter and Presenter at Ekattor Television

Mahadi Hasan

15. Nur Safa Julhaj

Nur Safa Julhaj

16. Ahathasam Sabuj

Ahathasam Sabuj

17. Fahim Rahman

Fahim Rahman

18. Farzana Rupa

Farzana Rupa

Final Words:
Dear readers, hope that you got the information that you wanted. We just tried to help you by presenting this information in front of you. I love to follow Ekattor TV. We just presented the info which is available online. This is not the final & complete list of Ekattor TV news presenters. You may not find some people on this list. Please comment us with your opinion about this post.

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  1. Md. Saidur Rahman (Suruz)

    Dear Sir/ Madam

    Hope all are well for 71 TV,
    I am Suruz from Bashundhara residential area Dhaka, Me want any one reporters number for my help, So kind of you pls advise about my request.


    1. Thank You for your feedback,

      For your kind information, We don’t have any access to share someone’s personal things. It could be a violation of our terms & condition.

      But we suggest you, find those reporters on their Facebook accounts. Hope that You can contact them through social media.

      Thank you again
      AS Sumon (24update.net)

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