RTV News Presenter List 2023

RTV News Presenter List

There are so many TV channels in Bangladesh. RTV is one of the popular TV channels in Bangladesh. Today we are here to present the short list of RTV news presenters. This channel keeps its popularity by presenting quality service since 26 December 2005. At this time RTV is one of the top-listed channels in Bangladesh. Nowadays R-TV going more popular with its quality news presentations.

There are so many people all over the world who loved to watch the news on RTV. Because of RTV news presenters. They always try to read quality news every time. People also followed RTV online pages on youtube & Facebook. R TV News has 2.95 M subscribers on its youtube page & 1.2 M followers on its Facebook page. Let’s check the list of popular RTV news presenter list. This is not the full list, just a short list of popular presenters.

RTV News Presenter List

RTV News Presenter List. Every day so many people search online to see the list of popular TV channel R TV news presenters. Thats why we tried to provide the short list of this channel news presenters. We have given below the list & hope that you will like our information.

  • মাহবুবা যারিন ডায়না
  • সালিহা পারভীন সাথী
  • নুসরাত সুজানা
  • আফসানা সুরাইয়া
  • মামুনুর রহমান খান
  • ফারজানা তানি
  • পারভীন মিতু
  • ফাহমিদা সালাম
  • ফারিয়া ফাতেমা স্নেহ
  • সিনথিয়া রহমান
  • তানজিয়া জুথী
  • ফাহমিদা সালাম
  • হাবিবা আফরোজ
  • রিদওয়ানা বিনতে জলিল
  • ফারিয়া শারমিন
  • নীরা ফেরদৌস
  • নাভিলা হাসান
  • সৈয়দা সাদিয়া বেনজীর

Here is the shortlist of RTV news presenters. We gave her whose names are available online. All the information has been collected from various public online sources. Hope that the information will helpful for you. We always worked with public opinion. Don’t forget to comment with your opinion about this post. Thanks for visiting us.

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