Emma Tustin Dies at 32 – What Happened With Her!

Emma Tustin

Emma Tustin has been identified as the woman found dead in her cell. Emma Tustin was found dead in her room after being attacked by a wing cleaner who was also a prisoner. Reports suggest that he was stabbed more than 20 times with a homemade prison knife. Police are still investigating his tragic death.

Tustin, 32, was jailed on Friday for starving, poisoning and then killing Arthur for at least 29 years, while his partner – Arthur’s father, Thomas Hughes – has been jailed for 21 years for murder.

Arthur died of “unprotected” brain injury while under Tustin’s care and had 130 wounds on his body. However, Tustin runs other cruelty on him at his home in Solihull, such as salt poisoning and stopping food or drink.

He poisoned the boy with “significant” amounts of salt hours before he severely assaulted the young man and “gave him a small dose of salt for a while” in his food.

Emma Tustin, 32, is serving a 29-year sentence at HMP Peterborough after being found guilty of Arthur’s murder at the Solihull house she lived in with the boy and his father, Thomas Hughes, 29.

She killed the six-year-old by repeatedly slamming his head on a hard surface after she and his father force-fed him with food laced with salt.

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