Freddy Rincon Accident Video

Former Colombian player Freddy Rincon has been hospitalized in critical condition following a car accident at the age of 55. The accident occurred this Monday, April 11. Rincon himself was driving a car and it collided with a bus.

Rincon has been badly injured and is being treated for traumatic brain injury. The former Real Madrid player is in intensive care with serious injuries. His condition is very critical.

The accident took place at 4.30 am and around 5 people including the driver of the bus were injured. One of the reasons for serious injuries is head injury. The former football player suffered a head injury and was immediately admitted to Imbanaco Clinic.

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What Happened With Freddy Rincon

It has already been reported that it has been tested whether the injured bus driver consumed alcohol. The doctor said the former player has been placed in intensive care. His injury is very important. The government and the entire sporting community have issued orders to oversee Freddy Rincon with the right treatment and seriousness.

Watch Video Clip

Local media outlets have already published video clips of the accident on social media. Where it is seen that a truck and a car collide at an excessive speed. He is undergoing surgery after suffering a head injury. So we will all pray for him.

The next update will be known after the surgery. The latest news in this regard is that his condition is very serious and something can be said for sure after the surgery. Until then, his fans will have to wait. Video clips of the accident have been published in our article.

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