Fuji TV News Anchor Name List

Fuji TV News Anchor Name List

Fuji Television is one of Japan’s most famous private news television channels. Fuji News network is very favorite in Japan. People like to watch the news on this channel. Today we are going to present the news anchors of this channel. Japanese people hit online to get details of this channel’s news presenters. The channel has so many brilliant news readers. They present news very well & all of them are talented.

Fuji TV has more than 724k followers on its Facebook page. This is such a huge fan base. The name of Fuji TV company is Fuji Television Network, Inc. It started the journey on 18th November 1957. The channel giving us the best service for more than 65 years. This is a long time for any private broadcasting company. In this post, we gave here some popular anchors’ name & their details for Japanese people.

Fuji TV Male Anchor Name List

Fuji TV Male Anchor Name List. Fuji TV takes a big part to exposed corruption in Japan. The channel has presented so many quality shows about active politics & technology-related news. All the credit goes to the news anchors. They present the news very smartly & quality full. We gave her a short list of their names & details. We will keep updating this post with all names with photos.

  1. Masaharu Miyake
  2. Yoichi Masuzoe
  3. Kenji Hasegawa
  4. Tetsuya Chikushi
  5. Atsushi Oka
  6. Junichi Tosaki
  7. Shigetomo Nakamoto
  8. Keita Nagahara
  9. Akira Ikegami
  10. Yasushi Nakanishi

Fuji TV Female Anchor Name List

Fuji TV Female Anchor Name List. Fuji TV female anchors are the top trending searches in Japan. The channel has some famous anchors who are very talented guys. The female anchors are so beautiful & gorgeous. Viewers try to reach them. They hit online to follow their social platforms. In this post, we tried to provide some of their names with photos. But in further updates, we will finally attach all of the female anchor’s details

  1. Fumiyuki Nakajima
  2. Yukari Takahashi
  3. Miki Watanabe
  4. Yuka Motohashi
  5. Emi Takei
  6. Mariko Oe
  7. Kayo Yasuhara
  8. Chisato Fukushima
  9. Ayako Ito
  10. Asuka Kurosawa

Final Words:

The final word is, we have just opened this web blog for anchors’ details. We will make this website as an anchors hub. So day by day all of the articles will be updated. Keep visiting us for the latest information. Thanks a lot for visiting us.


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