SRF 1 News Anchors List, Male & Female With Photo

SRF 1 News Anchors List

SRF 1, The channel started its journey 70 years ago. Today we are here to introduce you to some of this channel’s news anchors. SRF 1 is now one of the most popular TV channels in Swiss. It is a German-language-based Swiss television channel. The channel has a lot of male and female news anchors who are very famous worldwide. Let’s introduce them.

Switzerland has so many news television channels at this time. But SRF 1 is one of the most popular and it has the top percentage of viewers. If we tell you the ratio will be more than 14% of people watch this channel for news. Some of the credit goes to the dashing news anchors who present news very smartly and keep the quality.

SRF 1 Male Anchor List

  • Sandro Lehmann
  • Florian Inhauser
  • Urs Leimbacher
  • Michael Rüegg

SRF 1 Female Anchors List

  • Susanne Wille
  • Fiona Stöckli
  • Sandra Künzler
  • Miriam Cathrin Bonvalet

Dear readers, hope that you got your favorite anchors from the SRF 1 channel. We tried to present the latest anchor’s names from online sources. We will keep updating all the articles for the latest updates. Visit our homepage for another channel and do not forget to comment your opinion to us.

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