Harrison Wagner Cause of Death, is it Suicide?What Happened With Him

Harrison Wagner

Harrison Wagner is the “General Hospital” star and Christina Wagner’s son died in Los Angeles on Monday. What was his cause of death! The Los Angeles County medical examiner announced their deaths. Harrison Wagner was reportedly found dead in a parking lot. What is the cause of Harrison Wagner’s death?

On June 6, Harrison Wagner was found in a parking lot at 5.14 am. The doctor pronounced him dead. There have been rumors about the cause of his death. Many people want to know the cause of his death. In our article, the cause of Harrison Wagner’s death is attempted to unravel.

How Did Harrison Wagner Die

The cause of Harrison Wagner’s death is that many suspects that he may have committed suicide due to mental illness. Many on social media commented that Harrison Wagner had died of suicide. However, no official statement has been released in this regard. So nothing can be said about suicide for sure.

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