Mark Purslow Accident Video

Mark Purslow died in a motorbike accident during a qualifying session at the age of 29. The statement said the accident took place on Wednesday afternoon on The 1st of June.

The news of the death was announced at 10 pm through an official statement. He was rushed to the hospital soon after the accident. But it was not possible to save him as the number of injuries was high. After the terrible accident, his condition was alarming and he was immediately shifted to an airlift for better treatment.

Many fans were waiting to know the latest news about Mark Purslow. Later, he was not saved. At the time there are some people who are searching online to see the footage of Mark Purslow’s accident. But the thing is there is no official CCTV or any other footage on social media.

If you are waiting for the official video of his bike crash. Then you must take visit our site for further updates. Will provide the video if there are any official publishers. Don’t panic and pray for him.

It’s clear that the family of his and now suffering from a lot of problems and socials questions. We should keep them secure and patriotic for him.

Thanks for reading our article and if there is any update about his bike crash. Then we will update our post immediately. Stay with us.

CCTV Footage: Mark Purslow Accident Video

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