Ian Matos Dies at 32 – What Happened With Him!

Ian Matos

Brazilian athlete Ian Matos, who was part of the Olympic water jumping team at the Rio 2016 Games, died on Tuesday, aged 32, as a result of a lung infection.

The information was advanced by the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB), which expressed “deep regret” for the “premature death of the Olympic jumper”, recalling the contribution of Ian Matos to the growth of the sport.

‘PROFOUNDLY SADDENED’ Ian Matos dead at 32: Olympic diver inspired to come out as gay by Tom Daley dies of lung infection

Olympic jumper Ian Matos died on Tuesday at the age of 32. He had been hospitalized in Rio de Janeiro since last month to treat infection and, in the last few hours, suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest. The information was confirmed by the athlete’s family.

He had been hospitalized at the St. Benedict Memorial initially with a throat infection. The bacteria, however, descended into the esophagus and then into the lung. In recent days, his state of health has worsened.

Ian Matos was the first assumedly gay male athlete to participate in an Olympics in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. Five years later, at the Tokyo Olympics, 45 athletes from the Brazilian delegation declared themselves bisexual or homosexual.

In November, Ian’s friends and family organized a virtual kitty so that his brothers and mother could be with him during treatment. The initial goal was R$ 10,000, but the amount exceeded R$ 17,000 in a few days.

The athlete born in the northern Amazon city of Muana, a former diver, competed in the jumping trials on the 3 m trampoline at the Pan American Games in Brazil (2010, 2014) and at the Pan American Games in Guadalajara (2011), Toronto (2015) and Lima (2019).

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