A Winter Morning Paragraph -All Class 2024

A Winter Morning Paragraph

A Winter Morning Paragraph

Of the six seasons in Bangladesh, winter is the coldest. So a winter morning is very cold and usually foggy. Dew drops fall on the grass, crops, and trees. Nature seems to wear a dress of peace and purity. Sometimes the fog is so dense that nothing can be seen even at a little distance.

The poor in the village and cities suffer greatly for want of warm clothes. They make fires with dry leaves and straws to warm themselves. They eagerly wait for the sunshine to get rid of the cold. Birds remain in their nests and their chirping is hardly heard.

Cattle and other domestic animals are usually kept in their sheds trembling in cold. Working people care little about the severe cold. Farmers are seen working in their fields in the village and in the city people are in a hurry to reach their working place.

Drivers of vehicles have to face great trouble driving their vehicles because of dense fog. Unemployed and lazy people get up late. One can enjoy delicious and sweet cakes, and pies of date juice especially in the village. The scene of the winter morning changes as the day advances.

When the sun goes a little bit up, the fog melts, and people get relieved. In spite of some disadvantages, a winter morning has a very pleasant sensation in our life and it influences our lifestyle.

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