Indian Idol 13 Contestant Salary 2022 :Top 15

The biggest show in India, Indian Idol season 13 started on 10th September 2022. Sony TV organizes this fantastic program.  Every year millions of people wait for this show. There are so many contestants taking part in this show. This show enjoys all over the world. At this time, Indian Idol gets the top 15 contestants. They all are really amazing singers.

There are so many people who followed this top 15 constantan very much. People are very curious about this constants salary. Millions of people followed this program. Some of them want to know the salary of every constant per week. We tried to provide the approximate amount of their salary per week. All of the contestants in the top 15 get a high salary. Indian Idol season 13 going day by day so much more popular.

Indian Idol 13 Contestant’s Salary Per Week

Indian Idol 13 Contestants’ Salary. There are the top 15 constants at this time on Indian Idol. They are really very good singers. They get standard payments from Indian Idol authorities. In this post, you will be able to know the salary of all contestants this season. Let’s check their salary & top 15 contestants list.

  1. Rishi Sing – 1 Lakh INR
  2. Bidipta Chakraborty – 1 Lakh INR
  3. Navdeep Wadaali – 1.5 Lakh INR
  4. Shivam Sing – 90 Thousand INR
  5. Chiraag Kotwal – 90 Thousand INR
  6. Anushka Patra – 70 Thousand INR
  7. Deboshmita Roy – 90 Thousand INR
  8. Vineet Sing – 1 Lakh INR
  9. Sonakshi – 60 Thousand INR
  10. Senjutii Das – 80 Thousand INR
  11. Kavya Limaye – 90 Thousand INR
  12. Shagun Pathak – 70 Thousand INR
  13. Pritam Roy – 60 Thousand INR
  14. Sanchari – 80 Thousand INR
  15. Rupam – 90 Thousand INR

Here is the top 15 list of Indian Idol season 13 & their salary per week. All the amount is collected from online sources. This is just an idea of their salary. They get more facilities from authorities. Hope that you got the idea about their per week income. Stay connected with us to know the celebrity’s salary per second. Thanks for visiting us.

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