St Augustine Lighthouse News: A Person Jump From the Structure

St Augustine Lighthouse News

An Unexpected incident occurred on St Augustine Lighthouse. The news of St Augustine Lighthouse became popular on social media. There is a person who tried to attempt suicide over the St Augustine Lighthouse.

The person was jumped from the structure of St Augustine Lighthouse. After that, he was critically injured. The local community takes him to the nearest hospital immediately. Police called for an emergency on Saturday 2nd December 2023.

The person who jumped from the St Augustine Lighthouse is now alive but critically injured. Suicide attempt persona details have not been made public yet. We are trying to reach them. We will keep updating with the latest information about that.

St Augustine Lighthouse is temporarily closed to tourists. The authority provides a notice after the suicide attempt incident. St Augustine Lighthouse’s suicide news video has not been made public yet.

The person who tried to jump, all the incidents recorded on the nearest CCTV camera. But we don’t reach the footage yet. We will keep updating this news with further updates. Stay connected with us.

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