Damar Hamlin Dead- Last Moment Video Footage

Damar Hamlin

Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin was seriously injured on the field. The match occurred on 2nd January 2023. Damar Hamlin is just only 24 years old & he was playing a game against Cincinnati.

On Monday Damar Hamlin received an attack from the opponent. After that, he remains in the game & suddenly he falls down. After he Collapsed on the field, the emergency medical team has come.

The medical team gave him CPR at the time. But the condition went more critical & Damar Hamlin was not responding.

After that, he was taken to the Cincinnati hospital immediately. According to the report, he needed to do AED & CPR because his pulse not working.

The incident occurred on Monday at 3.53 pm local time. The Game has been officially suspended after the incident happened.

There are so many online users talking about his vaccination. People ask if that is the vaccination reason for his situation.

Damar Hamlin

There are so many unauthorized platforms saying that Damar Hamlin is dead. But the NFL or his family didn’t mention any official update about it.

All the sources say that he is in critical condition. But there are no official confirmations about Damar Hamlin’s death. We will update this post with the latest information. Stay with us for the video footage.

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