Painter Wayne Thiebaud Dies Age 101- What Happened With Him

Wayne Thiebaud

Artist Wayne Thiebaud, whose luscious, colorful paintings of cakes and San Francisco cityscapes combined sensuousness, nostalgia, and a hint of melancholy, has died. He was 101.

“It is with great sadness that we mark the passing of a truly remarkable man, Wayne Thiebaud,” the gallery said in a statement. “An American icon, Wayne led his life with passion and determination, inspired by his love for teaching, tennis, and above all, making art. Even at 101 years old, he still spent most days in the studio, driven by, as he described with his characteristic humility, ‘this almost neurotic fixation of trying to learn to paint.'”

Wayne Thiebaud, known for his colorful depictions of everyday life, dies at age 101

Thiebaud was born in Mesa, Arizona, in 1920 and grew up in Sacramento, California. He started out as an animator for Walt Disney and worked as a poster designer and commercial artist in California and New York before becoming a painter. He also was a longtime professor at the University of California, Davis. He retired in 1991 but continued teaching one class a year.

While some took his hot dogs, bakery counters, gumball machines, and candy apples to be examples of pop art, Thiebaud never considered himself to be in the mold of Andy Warhol and did not treat his subjects with the irony pop championed.

Along with landscapes and portraits, Thiebaud continued to paint his signature still lifes of everyday items. Experimenting with color, texture, light, and composition, he repeatedly tackled the same subjects to challenge and explore the formal possibilities of painting. He lived and worked in Sacramento, California.

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