Lil Tjay Shot Dead -What Happened

Rapper Lil J was reportedly shot in New Jersey last night. On Wednesday (June 22), a N.Y. rapper was one of the victims of a double shooting that took place at Edgewater, NJ, just after midnight last night. The extent of Lil Jay’s injury is not known at this time, but the rapper was taken to the hospital where he is undergoing emergency surgery.

The shooting took place at two nearby locations: a Chipotle restaurant and an Exxon gas station. One of the two people injured during the shooting was Lil J. The identity of the second victim has not been disclosed. Police are investigating the crime and there are currently no suspects in custody.

According to sources, Lil Tjay’s death has not been verified. However, he underwent surgery after being shot. Was shot, taken to hospital and done through emergency surgery.

No specific information is available at this time about his health or his injuries. According to the source, there were two shootings at Edgewater in New Jersey: one occurred inside the Chipotle restaurant and the second in an Exxon. the gas station. In every incident, there was a single victim in every place.
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