Marion Barber III Cause of Death Revealed-What Happened With Him

Former Dallas Cowboy Marion Barber died at the age of 38. Social media has spread that he committed suicide. He was suffering from mental health problems. He was found dead in an apartment.

The day before his death, he was reported to lease an apartment, where he was suffering from mental agony over the matter.

Marion Barber III net worth Was $1.5 Million

The news of the player’s death was announced by its own team on Wednesday. No official cause of death was immediately mentioned.

How Did Marion Barber III Die

Meanwhile, he has been blaming suicide as the cause of his death on social media. However, there was no official statement in favor of the suicide.

He was earlier detained after his career ended and was taken to a hospital for mental health assessment.

Marion Barber’s body was recovered from an apartment. After the end of his work life, his mental health deteriorated drastically. He also ran in with the police several times.

Earlier, the suspicion of Marion Barber entering the church with a loaded gun was raised. There the police checked him for mental problems.

The former player has a history of various random activities. He was suffering from severe mental problems. So this suggests that he may have committed suicide. However, we will have to wait for an official statement on this. We all wish his soul peace.

Marion Barber III Death News


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