Jesse Koz Car Accident Video

Jesse Koz: who is the influencer who traveled the world of beetle with a dog killed in a car accident. The duo’s goal was to get to Alaska in September. Koz had been traveling since 2017 and had visited 16 countries. He roamed the Americas in the company of the dog, Shurastey, who has an Instagram account with nearly 500,000 followers.

According to local media, Jesse made a maneuver to divert slow traffic, lost control of the Beetle, and crashed into a Ford Escape that was coming in the opposite direction. The Brazilian and his dog suffered serious injuries and died at the scene. The driver of the SUV was injured and needed to be taken to the hospital.

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What happened With Jesse Koz

The death of Jesse and Shurastey was disclosed on Tuesday (24) by an aunt of the 29-year-old, through the profile that the duo shared on Instagram.

The accident that killed them happened at Grants Pass in Oregon. The resident of Balneário and his golden had already visited 16 countries. The goal was to get to Alaska in September.

The Beetle was nicknamed Dodongo and was customized. On the back were the stickers with the flags of the countries visited. And on the ceiling a tent for the influencer to sleep wherever he wanted.

CCTV Footages: Jesse Koz Car Accident Video

Jesse Koz Car Accident Death


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