Mdot EBK Shot Dead :CCTV Footage Collected

Mdot EBK Cause Of Death

Rising Bronx Drill Rapper Mdot EBK has unexpectedly died at age 18. He was killed on Wednesday 5th July 2023. The news of his death was officially confirmed by New York Police Department. The authority provides a statement. The hip-hop community showing their grief & sending deep condolences to his family.

Mdot EBK Cause Of Death

Mdot EBK is being shot in Fordam Heights. The incident occurred in the morning time Wednesday. Suddenly a white vehicle came & a person go down from the car. He starts shooting in both directions. As a result, rapper Mdot EBK was shot down.

Mdot EBK shot at the head. He died on the spot after the headshot. He was taken to the nearby hospital immediately. But Doctor declared him spot dead. Mdot EBK lives in the Bronx, New York.

Mdot EBK Shot Dead Video

Mdot EBK shot dead video is under processing by NYPD. We will attach the file to this part of today’s post. Just it will take some time more. Keep following this page for exclusive footage. The CCTV footage of Fordham Heights is collected.

Mdot EBK’s death is a big loss for the music community. He achieved huge popularity through some of his hit songs. People expressing their loss & sending grief. We should pray for his soul. His family is now mentally broken condition. They will provide when they decide about funeral arrangements.

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