Coco Lee Video Message Before Suicide :Watch Clip

Coco Lee Cause Of Death

Singer & Songwriter Coco Lee has unexpectedly died at age 48. She died on Wednesday 5th July 223. The Singer attempted suicide & died suddenly. Coco Lee fought against depression for several years. We explored how did she die in our post. Scroll down & check her last message.

Coco Lee Cause Of Death

Coco Lee’s cause of death is an apparent suicide. She attempts suicide on Sunday 2nd July 2023. After that, she went coma & was taken to the hospital immediately. Her family member took her to the nearby hospital at that time.

Coco Lee was in a coma after she tried to die. Finally, she died on Wednesday. Her sister announced the statement of her death. She shared official information through Facebook. This is such heartbroken news for the music industry.

Coco Lee Suicide Video

Coco Lee’s suicide video message before death has been found. The footage is now under process. We will attach the footage in this part of today’s post. Keep checking this page for further updates. The police department investigating this case.

Coco Lee’s family is in a deeply shocked wave. They need support in this heartbroken condition. Please keep their private thing secret. Coco Lee’s death is a big loss for the music community. She spent a bright career for around 30 years. Pray for her & send condolences to her family.

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