Nauru International Hospital doctor list

Nauru International Hospital doctor list

Nauru International Hospital is one of the most popular hospitals in Nauru. Today we are going to talk about this hospital doctors list. There are so many doctors are on this Hospital. They are specialist in different departments. If you need to book appoint a doctor then it will be helpful for you.

We tried to provide the currently working doctors list here. All of them are active and you can book easily an appointment at this Hospital. Nauru International Hospital is a 4-rated hospital on Google Maps. People took health treatments at this hospital very easily. They got the best service from the other one. Tangail General Hospital Doctor List. 

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Nauru International Hospital Doctor List

Dr. Samuel Andrew

Emergency Medicine Physician at Republic of Nauru Hospital
Nauru International Hospital

Dr. Patrick Timeon

Medical Specialist at the Republic of Nauru Hospital

Dr Nick Martin

senior medical officer for International Health and Medical Services on Nauru

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