North East Live News Anchors List With Photo

North East Live News Anchors List

This post is mainly focused on North East Live news anchors. Today we are going to introduce the list of all currently working news anchors from North East Live TV. This channel is based in Assam, India.

This is an Indian channel based on Hindi and English. North East Live presents news only. They started the journey in 2013. At this time North East Live has achieved huge popularity by their quality. People ask online to watch the list of news anchors on North East Live. We tried to provide the list today.

North East Live Male Anchors

In this part, you will be able to watch the latest list of male anchors from North East Live. We have designed our article with the male and female anchors separately. We tried to provide the currently working anchors list today. Let’s enjoy the article.

Wasbir Hussain
Wasbir Hussain

North East Live Female Anchors

North East Live female anchors are very much famous more than the male anchors. All of North East Live’s female news presenters are very beautiful and gorgeous. People want to know them more. They have a good fan base on social media. Let’s check the list below.

Priyadarshini Medhi
Priyadarshini Medhi
Puja Mishra
Puja Mishra
Geetasri Talukdar
Geetasri Talukdar

Important Information About North East Live TV

North East Live Youtube Url:
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North East Live Website:
North East Live Email:
North East Live Phone Number: +91 70990 21477
North East Live Wikipedia Url:

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