Web Cam Footage: Police Officer Killed in Huntsville

Police Officer Killed in Huntsville

Huntsville Police Department remembers the loss of its officer’s death. The incident occurred last Tuesday 28 March 2023. Officers get a call near 4.45 PM local time. They called for answering shots fired situation.

HPD officers reached the place immediately & they found a female victim injured. After that officers take action against the shooter. At this time 2 HPD officers get seriously injured. The webcam footage is spreading online.

Huntsville Police officer killed, one critically injured in shooting

At the shooting spot, 2 of the HDP officers were taken to the Huntsville Hospital immediately. After that one of their officers died later & the another are critically injured.

The woman who is rescued by officers is now under treatment in a hospital. She is also injured after the incident. The suspect is arrested & his name is Juan Robert, age 24.

Police Officer Killed in Huntsville Web Cam Video

There are so many people trying to get the webcam footage of this incident. The video footage is under processing & hopefully, it will publish soon by the Huntsville police department.

Police Officer Killed in Huntsville

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