Rapper Goonew Dead Body Original of Fake?-What Happened With Him


Popular Rapper Goonew has shot dead at the age of 24 a few weeks ago. This time on April 3, 2022, an event titled The Final Show Goonew was held at the Night Club in Washington, D.C.

There is a similarity between rapper Goonew to be seen. Pictures of the funeral of the referee’s body went viral on social media. Various video clips are circulating on social media.

The question then arises whether the body is real or a reflection made of wax. His body was lit in the lights of different colors of the club. Many people do not know whether it is a real body or a fake.

Masked mourners conducted the event with their hands shaken and another reaper performing on stage. There it was seen that the rapper’s body was standing upright.

The Rapper Goonew was shot dead in Maryland last month. Goonew, 24, was found shot in the parking lot. After that, many have called it disgusting to celebrate his body. We want his soul to rest in peace.

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