Rapper Jackboy Shot, CCTV Footage: What Happened With Him

Rapper Jackboy Shot

Florida Rapper Jackboy and his brother were involved in a shot incident near home. They were outside of the home in Port St. Lucie. Suddenly an unknown person attacked them. They were involved in a life-threatening incident on 13 December morning.

Rapper Jackboy may be the main target of the attacker. But fortunately, he saved himself, and his younger brother got critically injured. The attacker shot multiple times at the moment. The incident happened on Wednesday at 6.57 AM.

After the incident Jackboy’s brother got seriously injured and the situation went more c critical. Then he was taken to the Lawnwood Hospital by airlif. The doctors giving the treatment as per the last update news.

At the time some Instagram users spread the news that rapper Jackboy had died. The news of rapper Jackboy is completely false. The rapper has published an official statement on his social handler.

He confirms the condition that he is perfectly alright but his brother is not out of danger. Rapper Jackboy’s cause of death is shooting is fake. He is alive now.

However, the CCTV footage of the shooting is now under processing. The authority has investigated this case to find out the attacker. No one has been arrested yet. We will provide the video in this article soon. Stay connected and share this article to watch the footage.

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