RCTI Anchors Name List Indonesia

RCTI Anchors Name List Indonesia

Today we are going to talk about RCTI TV channel anchors biodata. RCTI is one of the most popular channels in Indonesia. The channel has millions of fan followers. RCTI mean Rajawali Citra Televisi Indonesia. This is very famous for some of its popular anchors. Indonesian people always quarry for the anchors of the RCTI TV channel. it has a huge fan followers on their social media platforms. If you are an Indonesian you must watch News on this channel. And you may also like the female anchors of RCTI TV.

RCTI started its journey on 24 August 1987. The channel has gained millions of viewers through satellite connections. They have also social and online viewers. There are some famous news presenters on this channel. They are very popular & people always ask online to get their details. The interviewer who came to this channel tried to introduce the anchors.
RCTI Television social followers: 

  • Facebook: 10 million Followers
  • YouTube: 3.05 million Subscriber

RCTI Male Anchors Name List

RCTI male anchors are attached to this part of today’s post. Millions of fan followers hit online to get the male anchor’s details. People want to know their biodata, name, and photo. This article provides all the details for you. Just have a good look at our full article. Hopefully, you will get all the things related to RCTI anchors. Let’s have the names below.

  • Daniel Mananta
  • Helmy Yahya
  • Indra Herlambang
  • Robby Purba
  • Ruben Onsu
  • Uya Kuya

RCTI Female Anchors Name List

RCTI female anchors are a very trending search on social media & search engines. So let’s stop your searching and enjoy this article. We present the female anchor of the RCTI television channel. Hope that Indonesian people will enjoy the post. If you already follow any female anchor from RCTI, then comment to us.

  • Astrid Tiar
  • Desy Ratnasari
  • Feni Rose
  • Ira Koesno
  • Maya Septha
  • Rina Nose
  • Sere Kalina
  • Uli Herdinansyah
  • Intan Savitri
  • Ajeng Larasati


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  • What is RCTI?

    RCTI stands for Rajawali Citra Televisi Indonesia. It is a private television network in Indonesia that was founded in 1989. RCTI is the oldest and most popular television network in Indonesia.

  • What are the programs that air on RCTI?

    RCTI airs a variety of programs, including news, sports, entertainment, and drama. Some of the most popular programs on RCTI include “Indonesian Idol”, “D’Academy”, “MasterChef Indonesia”, “Berita RCTI”, and “Brownis”.

  • How can I watch RCTI?

    RCTI can be watched on cable TV, satellite TV, and over-the-air TV. RCTI also has a live streaming service that can be accessed on its website and mobile app.

  • What is the channel number for RCTI?

    The channel number for RCTI varies depending on the cable or satellite provider. You can find the channel number for RCTI in your area by searching online or contacting your provider.

  • What is the social media handles of RCTI?

    RCTI is active on social media. You can follow RCTI on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

  • How can I contact RCTI?

    You can contact RCTI through its website, email, or phone number. The contact information for RCTI can be found on its website.

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